Regain we were children once

Remember We Were Children Once. 

Have we forgotten how we were when we were children?
When you happened to chance into a park full of children, observe.

Children naturally get along with one another. They do have occasional disputes and arguments, but they usually end up finding ways to have fun together.

They don’t dwell on mistakes and fights. Yet they have a tremendous ability to learn.

They rol with punches, and treat everyone equally.
They see beauty in life, and virtually everything is a potential source of joy and humour.

Children don’t care if you are black or white or disabled.
Children don’t base their happiness on the size of their bank accounts or the size of their parents’ bank accounts.
They are open to new ideas.

If a child is told that he/she can’t do something, he/she looks for something else to do.

These are natural equalities that every one of them brings to life.

They are qualities that can be regained by simply recognizing that obstacles to them is my own thinking and choices.

I won’t put a label on who I am.