Thoughts In Motion Who Am I?

Below is an article that I picked up from Maggie’s blog and I’ve requested her permission to post it here to share with everyone. It’s about – Loving Yourself. Relationships are how we relate to others. We have a relationship with everyone that we know and who is close to […]

Love Yourself

How many of us let each second goes by without being aware of the seconds ticking past? How many of us needed approval from people around us when we embark something? How many of us attuned to those around us before we decide to act or not act? Why is […]


My Yoga Master took time to share some of the texts below with me and the class when we completed our Kriya Yoga. I thought it is good to pass on the goodness I received. Enjoy. When each one of us was born, we were like a piece of colourless […]

Centering. Knowing The Being